The Informed Parent’s Guide To Helping Their Child Defeat ADD & ADHD

“How new breakthroughs in brain science can help transform your child into the focused, calm high academic achiever you always knew they could be…WITHOUT dangerous medications or side effects.”

In Just 12 Short Weeks Watch Your Child With ADHD TRANSFORM Into A Confident, Focused, Well-Behaved, High Achieving Kid Without Using Medications or Side Effects!

Discover How Breakthroughs In Neuroscience Holds The
Golden Key To The Life Your Child and Family Deserve

Dear Frustrated Parent Of A Child With ADHD,

For many of us, as we embark on parenthood we have a very clear vision for how our child’s life is going to go. We draw from our life experiences noting the things that have been wonderful about our life and also picking out the things about our childhood we want to be certain our child does not repeat.

We envision the fun family experiences, the vacations, personal achievements in school, and even the college they are going attend some day (maybe even an ivy league school :-)).

But when you discover that your child has ADHD it is like this “condition” or “disorder” steps in and steals away part our dreams … our aspirations.

Suddenly the future we had envisioned for our child turns into questions of how you are just going to survive “today” or how you are going to get them through the current school year.

The future seems so far away and the goals you once had for your child suddenly feel out of reach.

A diagnosis of ADHD raises questions that you sincerely want answers to but you silently fear what those answers might be. Questions like:

  • Is ADHD a life sentence?
  • Will my child always suffer with the complications of ADHD?
  • Are the dreams, hopes, and aspirations you had for your child gone forever?
  • What lies ahead for them?

In this special report I am going to dispel some of the most common myths about the treatment of ADHD and the options available to you.

Whether you have a child you suspect has ADHD but has received no formal diagnosis, or your child has been diagnosed with ADHD but you have withstood pressure from teachers and doctors to put them on medications, or your child is currently on ADHD medication and you would love to see them reduce or eliminate the medication all together … this report holds answers for you.

New breakthroughs in our understanding of the brains of these precious children afflicted with attention and hyperactivity problems bring new hope and a promise of a brighter future for your child and family.

We have harnessed the power of this new research in the functional connections in the brain and coupled it with the most scientific and systematic approach available today so that we can actually re-sculpt and remold their brain patterns, allowing them to function like they should.

The best part is that this new treatment technology is effective, carries no risks or side effects, and in as little as 12 short weeks you can see a drastic transformation of your child right before your eyes.

The therapy is called Accelerated Functional Brain Re-patterning™ and it may hold the golden key to your child’s future.

I am going to explain all about this breakthrough treatment for ADHD in a moment but first let’s look at the current state of ADHD treatment here in the United States.

Here Are Some Staggering ADHD Statistics

    • 35% of children with ADHD won’t finish high school.
    • 25% of children with ADHD will repeat at least one grade.
    • 52% of children with ADHD will go on to abuse drugs or alchol.
    • 40% of high school age kids with ADHD have tried alcohol and tobacco at an early age.
    • 75% of children with ADHD have interpersonal problems.

One Of The Most Frustrating Parts Of ADHD

Many parents talk about how they noticed early on that something was wrong with their child. Then “IT” begins … calls from teachers, principles, parents in playgroups … your child is misbehaving, not doing well in classes, not getting along with other children, not focusing.

What do you do?

Most parents get referred to a family doctor who quickly diagnoses your child with ADHD. Then they deliver the bad news …

The Cause Of ADHD Is Not Known And A Known Cure Has Not Been Discovered!

The teachers and doctors collectively pressure you to put your child on medications.

Little do you know that most of the most commonly prescribed medications for ADHD are a derivative of COCAINE.

You didn’t misread … the medications that many doctors use as first line therapy for ADD and ADHD are in the same chemical family as cocaine.

Would you give your child cocaine? Then why do doctors so readily give it to children as young as 7?

Suffice it to say for now this is NOT a choice to take lightly … yet many doctors would have you think it is as safe as candy.
Outside of medication other common treatments for ADHD include counseling and cognitive behavior theory.

For a majority of patients this type of “behavior modification” based treatment is an exercise in futility.


Because ADHD Is Not A Learning or Behavior Disorder!

You read that right. ADHD is not a learning or behavior disorder. If you try to treat it as if it is a learning or behavior disorder, like most non-medication treatments available today, it is destined to fail.

So What Causes ADHD and What Can You Do?

Scientists and researchers have observed the brains of children diagnosed with ADHD and compared them to children without the diagnosis.

Scientists have observed that children with ADHD show striking differences in their ability to pass and process information between the right and left sides of the brain. The brains of children with ADHD are not patterned and coordinated properly … resulting in the challenges they face on a daily basis.

This disconnection and dis-coordination wreak havoc in the child’s life … preventing them from concentrating, focusing, and achieving their maximum potential academically.

So What Does That Mean For You And Your Child?

If we can train the brain to work in ‘sync’ and facilitate the two sides of the brain to work together … we can overcome the symptoms of ADHD and give your child and your family an opportunity to move forward and excel in things that were once difficult.

How Do We Do This?

This re-patterning of the brain, what we call Accelerated Functional Brain Re-patterning™, is accomplished by a proprietary integrated treatment system that uses re-patterning exercises that “wake up” parts of the brain and allow the various functional parts of your child’s brain to begin to function on the “same page.”

Over a short period of Brain Re-patterning Therapy sessions we begin to train your child’s brain to work in an integrated and functional manner. As the brain patterns change you will see your precious child’s confidence, behavior, and academic performance transform before your eyes.

What Is Your Next Step?

We offer a free consultation and Functional Brain-RePatterning Assessment for local children diagnosed with ADHD.

We will get acquainted with you and your child and allow you to see first hand our treatment technology and the very unique and successful approach we use to help transform children with ADHD into calm, focused, high academic achievers.

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Warmest Regards,

Eric Balcavage DC, CNS, CFMP, BCIM
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